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Chinese New Year 2019 Philippines

The Chinese New Year or ‘Tsinoy’ is one of the best festivals in the Philippines. ‘Tsino’ means Chinese and as the name suggests is a major festival celebrated by people of Chinese ethnicities who have Philippines their home. However, if you are planning to go to this beautiful country this time of the year, you are surely in for a treat for your eyes and soul. Although the event is celebrated with much pomp and joy by the Chinese residing in the Philippines, every citizen in the country partakes in the countrywide gala. The first day of the lunar year is also known as the Spring Festival and will be celebrated on January 28th, 2017 in the coming year. If you are wondering what you can do while you here during this special festival, then read on.

What is There to do During Chinese New Year in the Philippines?

The Chinese New Year in the Philippines is one of the best times to be there that allows you to do tons of things. The festival is observed keeping in mind all the Chinese traditions like cleaning and decorating of houses, clearing debts and planting fresh flowers to prepare for prosperity and good fortune.

Red and gold are the two most popular colors that are considered very auspicious amongst the Chinese and this is the reason that you can see them everywhere during this celebration. Every place including homes, shops, malls, stores, streets, restaurants are decorated in red and gold colored paper hangers, paper lanterns, red scrolls with Chinese inscriptions and cutouts symbolizing good luck and charm.

You can treat yourself to the superb lion and dragon dances all across the country, in every city! Lions and dragons with big heads and long bodies made from colorful fabric upheld by dancers with the help of poles! These dances can be witnessed in parades or colorful processions in areas that have sizeable Chinese population. The Binondo district in Manila is a riot of colors and is famous for its lion dance parade. Red envelopes with gifts also known as ‘ang pow’ are left at the doors of houses for the dancers to collect and are also given to children and younger relatives as presents.

Apart from this, you can also treat yourself to some great food while you are in the Philippines during the Chinese New Year. You must try ‘tikoy’, a special dish made from sticky rice that is available only during the months of January and February as a part of the New Year celebrations.

Which Sites Are Offering Great Deals and Offers for Chinese New Year?

You can shop for anything and everything at the time of this special festival while you are in the Philippines. Most online shopping sites have great offers to help buyers make the most of the festival – be it fashion, groceries, electronics, gifts, accessories, home décor or anything else, you can expect to get everything at unbelievably low prices. Sites like Zalora, Lazada, Weemall, Photobook, Ctrip, Althea, etc. have great offers for everyone. Also, if you use online discount codes and vouchers, you can get some additional discounts on whatever you buy from these sites. Although the Chinese New Year is still far away, you can still shop for all your needs and be prepared to celebrate the festival in the best manner possible. So, all you need to do is check them out and bring home what you love most!